Be Inspiring

Be Inspiring

Inspiring to be Extraordinary


The foundation of any school is the curriculum content coupled with the best professionals in the classrooms.  At ASA we go further, we know the school must engage and inspire students to think and apply that knowledge - to make what they are learning their own – at ASA we do this!

Our school has been designed to provide a nurturing and inspiring environment for students to develop into their extraordinary selves. Our focus is on learning, thinking and applying that knowledge; to know what information is important, how to apply it, improve it, connect it to prior learning and communicate it to others.

Our program nurtures and supports students and is attentive to:

  • Encouraging student to make decisions themselves
  • Offering classes in spacious, modern technology rich classrooms
  • Treating students as individuals with individual strengths, weaknesses and needs
  • Creating a learning culture by offering a safe positive space to nurture learning
  • Emphasizing developing outstanding citizenship and leadership qualities
  • Nurturing through relationship building; students with qualified professional teachers and teacher aides
  • Providing small class sizes, no more than 10 students to 1 teaching staff (10:1 ratio)
  • Offering a curriculum with choices and electives for developing specializations
  • Encouraging students to understand why learning is important by helping them to realize that “learning, understanding, applying, thinking, achievement and optimizing” are important cycles. We make clear that our standards are not to just attend class and repeat what they learned, but to know how to think and apply it. We challenge and inspire our students to explore what they can do with their learning.
  • Looking beyond academic / pedagogical success. We look at behavioral and social-emotional hurdles and progress.  We have proactive interventions all designed to foster success, a healthy attitude towards learning and inspiring students to be extraordinary.
  • Giving opportunities to practice real life success skills
  • Encouraging to connect learning with their own experiences
  • Utilizing mistakes as an opportunity to learn
  • Inspiring students to think - in our challenging innovative teacher supported classrooms -and to apply and communicate their learning. Inspiring the students to be extraordinary.