Please feel free to schedule a school tour to learn first hand about ASA and obtain our fees.

Fees are payable in full, prior to the first day of enrollment. Fees include: registration/re-registration, tuition, supplies, technology, food program, and others that may be applicable.

Angolan national tuition billed in USD and payable in AOA at BNA’s published commercial bank exchange rate at payment date.
International student’s tuition obligation payable in foreign currency.

Academic financial obligations for US faculty staff, curriculum, materials etc. are USD expenditures.

We pride with bringing only the best academic resources for the best benefits of our students in parity to highest US standards.

Financial Scholarships available on demonstrated financial need and academic merit basis.
Please consult admissions for assistance. 


If the should you have a question as it relates to this topic please contact us: admin@ASAngola.com