Middle School Program

middle school teacher helping students


ASA Middle School program in Angola

Are you looking for a high quality middle school program in Angola? Would you like your children to enjoy a good learning environment and gain a good grounding for their English Language Arts (ELA) exam? If your answer is yes, welcome to American schools of Angola (ASA). We are an international school in the country offering a diverse range of courses aimed at students in grade 6 to 12. We offer a U.S High School Diploma, a prepatory English learning academy, and Middle School courses in Angola among other courses that are all accredited.

Our American schools of Angola (ASA) programs stand out from the rest because we use a unique approach to learning. Our technology based blended-learning classrooms allow flexibility for learners. We are committed to facilitating the highest levels of achievement for our students and this is what makes us the best middle school program in Angola. We use a learner-centered approach to learning, which is based on personalized teaching. The leaner’s pace is based on their learning needs and this has helped achieve learning goals at this level more effectively.

With the integration of technology in our learning programs, it is easier for our certified teachers and learning coaches to use small-group discussions or one-on-one support. Our highly trained and certified teachers are always ready both in the classroom and online to help the learner understand the concept even better. Students get periodic digital quizzes and tests to monitor the progress of learning.

With our blended learning for Middle School courses in Angola, we are able to offer accelerated learning, portable and flexible coursework, deeper learning and more retention. Contact us today and set your child on a path towards education greatness.