We take pride in developing the leaders of tomorrow by fostering our student’s respect of and compliance to expectations and policies. To promote that ideal, we ask that students adhere to the ASA dress code policy.

Parents are required to order / purchase through the school: 

4 - ASA polo shirts  

1 - ASA t-shirt worn on P.E. day(s)

1 - ASA black jacket

Pants or shorts – to be properly sized, solid color, unembellished and in good repair.

Shoes – worn for safety and unembellished

Upon enrollment, a uniform order form is provided to parents. Once paid, ASA places the order, and sends home the order when filled by our vendors. 

The ASA uniform compliance policy is provided upon enrollment.

NEW STUDENTS: Newly enrolled students are expected to place their uniform order on or before their first day of enrollment. New students are expected to comply with the uniform code as closely as possible until their actual ASA uniforms are ready. (Plain polo shirt, black jacket and pants as above.)