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two students American Schools of Angola


The idea for an innovative high tech American school started with the knowledge that the few other private schools in Luanda are full with waiting lists, traditional, and of course an American School was lacking. The actual onsite work to launch ASA began in January of 2017, with the securing of two locations:  one school site in Marginal (Kalunga Atrium - grades 9 -12) and the other in Talatona.  (Tower 3 behind the BNI bank - grades 6 - 12)   Both facilities were renovated, and classrooms and learning spaces were created.  

On September 5, 2017 ASA officially opened its doors.  



ASA accepts students regardless of race, religion, gender, creed, color, or country of origin.

Students are accepted after meeting academic standards, appropriate scholarly expectations, and documented responsible behavior.   Students must meet English language proficiency standards, or he/she will be referred to the ASA English Institute for tutoring or enrollment.

ASA will not accept students, who in our opinion, cannot be appropriately served at our facility.

ASA is an international school serving students from countries worldwide. 

ASA accepts student’s year around.



The ASA teaching faculty are experienced licensed teachers, most are from the United States and have earned a Masters degree in their subject area of expertise.  Many of the teachers are well travelled offering a global insight into education and share exciting stories about their traveling experiences. 

ASA also has support teachers in the US. These teachers perform the grading of the coursework, quizzes and tests, provide feedback, encouragement to the students and act as a resource to the classroom based ASA students and teachers.