Be Extraordinary

Teacher inspiring students to be extraordinary


Be Extraordinary

Today our students must face the most unknown future ever. In almost every area experts are either uncertain of what the next 10 years will bring or are predicting huge challenges and change. How do we all prepare for that? How do we prepare (inspire) our students tobe the best that they can be, (to be extraordinary), and assure that their input will be valued by society?

In a world where everything will change our students must know how to: 

  •          advocate for themselves,
  •          be well-informed about our global society and its interconnectedness,
  •          embrace technology,
  •          bring a positive leadership energy,
  •          know how to always find advantages in mistakes,
  •          be motivated by challenges and seek alternative solutions,
  •          and to embrace the value of a world class education.

In short, students have the best chance in the future by learning what and how to learn and then applying what is important to the world around them.

So often the difference between success and failure is confidence. The confidence to put forward an idea, to communicate it clearly and to inspire others to follow it, is at the heart of how we help our students to succeed in any future.

American Schools of Angola, inspiring to be extraordinary.