We do education differently so it’s important to explain key parts of our whole-child program.

Our population

ASA is an international school serving students from countries worldwide.

Students must qualify at B2 English language proficiency standard by grade 10. We provide additional help and support for new enrolled students to reach our required level of proficiency.


·         Grade 9 students at A2-B2 level will attend two additional evening courses through our adult English Language Institute

·         We offer language instruction courses in middle school

·         Elementary years use sheltered immersion to teach English


ASA academic year semesters start in August and January. Our teachers go on vacation in June and our administrative team joins them in July. Our physical classrooms have extended vacations in December and mid-June throughout July.



ASA has elementary, middle school and high school programs. Curriculum is unique each program and all are accredited.

Grades 1-5

Elementary school activity teaches common core English, math, science and social studies while blending in key components of Next Generation science and USA California’s social studies. Our whole child approach recognizes that learning is constant if stimulated by students’ natural curiosity, nature itself and multi-sensory lessons. Students interact with peers of different cultures, abilities, ages and interests throughout their day under consistent adult supervision and health monitoring.


Grades 6-8

ASA middle school curriculum is aligned to USA Common Core standards in English, math and social studies (a combination of geography and history).

The day is divided into a half-day Humanities program modeled after the Hong Kong Common Core Humanities components of language, historical awareness, mind-body-spirit, society and ethics. Students take mental and physical health breaks throughout their core studies. And, in the afternoon, our STEM teaching team brings middle school lessons using Common Core math and Next Generation science standards as well introducing career-focused technological and engineering units of study.


Grades 9-12

High school years further develop career and academic skills. Our students should leave ASA university ready for any country they desire. We believe our unique mentor program fosters independence and hones the young adult to achieve their own goals in and out of school. Students take a lead in project-management and service opportunities.



The ASA teaching faculty are experienced certified teachers, from the United States and other international countries, who have earned a master’s degree in their subject area of expertise. Many of the teachers are well-traveled, offering a global insight into education and share exciting stories about their traveling experiences.


Additionally, ASA contracts certified teachers located in the USA to help students plan papers or activities and be another perspective on grading assignments, activities, papers for our teaching teams. This is customized by the needs of our educators.


ASA also partners with locally-hired learning coaches in classrooms.  These bi-lingual coaches are vetted, experienced with students, and liaison help to support our students and families.


ASA offers a very low instructor to student ratio