Support Services

Student Support Services 

At American Schools of Angola, we believe in holistic development. When academic progression is important, social and emotional well-being ensures that each child reaches their highest potential in every walk of life. 

Blended learning refers to the integration of traditional face-to-face instruction with online learning experiences. Student Support Services in a blended learning environment aim to provide assistance, resources, and guidance to students as they navigate both the in-person and online components of their education. Our team of specialized psychologists provides a range of professional services to meet your child's needs and support them on their academic, social, emotional, and behavioral goals during their education with us. 

Academic Advising - we offer academic advising services to help students set educational goals, select appropriate courses, and develop personalized learning plans that integrate both in-person and online components. 

Accommodations for students with different abilities - Whether your child has a diagnosed special need, or needs some additional support to reach their full potential, we are here to help. 

Brief psychological therapeutic interventions for students - By focusing on solutions, our licensed psychologists build upon the inherent capabilities of young people to understand what changes need to be made in life to achieve their goals. We provide brief psychological interventions to students in need, typically lasting one to six sessions within the parameters of confidentiality. 

Wellness SupportProvides students with resources to support their mental health and overall well-being, such as stress management, coping strategies, and other wellness resources crucial for their success. 

Complimentary Consultations - Our complimentary consultations are directed to parents and other health professionals working with the student outside of school. These consultations allow us to discuss concerns, goals, and intervention plans for your child and exchange constant feedback that will help us work in the same direction, maximizing longer-lasting results.

Community referrals for long-term treatment - and long-term therapy are necessary, we refer to community partners in Luanda or internationally. These services might include occupational, speech, psychological, neuropediatric, or other areas of child developmental needs. Many services can be performed over the Internet with strong results. 

School-wide Social & Emotional Learning curriculum inside classrooms - ASA integrates SEL classes into our academic curriculum, within the CASEL standards helping students learn about Self-awareness, Self-management, social awareness, Relationship skills, and Responsible decision-making. After all, global citizenship and culturally sensitive leadership skills are developed out of a strong curriculum, inquisitive minds, and a community of people.  

At ASA, these skills are developed by: 

  • Inquiry-based lessons focus on interpersonal and intrapersonal skills 

  • Socratic questioning at an early age 

  • Mental and physical health curriculum integrated into all course 

  • United Nations awareness campaigns