Sports and Club Program

Student on horseback as part of physical fitness program

Sports and Club Program


The ASA Sports Program


Sports and Clubs: 

P.E. classes and enrichment clubs are held Monday to Thursday 3:45 - 5:00 and are an integral part of the ASA overall program. In addition to skill development within these activities support and build comradery, self-confidence, and increase the sense of belonging.   Students will attend a P.E. class two days a week and a club two days a week, as per their community schedule.  Friday afternoons are a special schedule, parents will be notified. 


In keeping with "we do school differently" our PE  program offers extraordinary physical education activities. The inclusion of the Sports P.E. Academy into our ASA student-centered program supports the ASA goals to provide a holistic education in which students are empowered with a world class education coupled with enduring habits for living a healthy and successful lifestyle.  Students will be involved in horseback riding, golf, rally buggies, as well as traditional sports of baseball, soccer and basketball.  


Enrichment Clubs are scheduled every other day.  The Clubs that are offered are only those in which students have expressed interest in having. For example:   jujitsu, yoga, chess, gaming, community service, art, cooking, baseball..... 


Other Programs:

Sometimes, Saturday activities - paint ball, laser tag, polo/horseback riding, kite surfing, bowling, Girafe, kayaking, sailing, swimming, skimming, surfing and karting are planned. Meaningful community service activities are scheduled from time to time. 


“Summer” fun camps

ASA offers summer fun high interest programs during July and August, based on interest. These camps are designed to provide an alternative to students staying home playing video games all day, during the times when school is out.

Weekly overnight exciting camp programs will be planned and announced.