ASA Boarding Schools

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ASA Boarding Schools

Grades 9 – 12 – Boarding option

Grades 6 – 8  -  Day school only


Two locations:

Luanda, Angola, Africa

@ Colina Resort, Catumbela, Benguela Province, Angola, Africa  



The American Schools of Angola Colina campus, located in Benguela Province, Angola, is a boarding school offering a US high school diploma.   The boarding school is located within the Colina Resort in the coastal city of Catumbela.  Catumbela, 300 kilometers south of Luanda, is accessible by a short 45 minute flight from Luanda. Luanda has an international airport with direct flights from many African and European countries. In 2019 a new, state-of-the-art international airport is set to open in Luanda.


Because enrollment is offered to a limited number of students, the ASA Colina campus is a family-like experience.


Educational Pedagogy:

 We do “school” differently at the American Schools of Angola. Utilizing student driven inquiry combined with - a state of the art accredited online curriculum, hands on project-based learning and experiential environmental learning- including the use of various technology, (VR, Interactive boards, Collaborative wall,) the students develop the ability to:


  •          Think critically and creatively
  •          Communicate effectively—with their peers as well as with adults
  •          Develop deep content knowledge
  •          Gain confidence in their problem solving ability
  •          Be at ease presenting their knowledge to others


Preparing students for academic, personal, and career success, students work diligently to complete their coursework and projects, by:


  •          Utilizing the local environment as a learning setting
  •          Accessing experienced, US certified, on-site teachers committed to helping students develop their curiosity
  •          Becoming passionate about life long learning in an academically challenging environment
  •          Digging deeper into content that is of particular interest to them
  •          Developing independent learning strategies to fulfill their learning goals



The ASA Boundless Colina campus is not only unique in the way learning happens, but as well as being the only boarding school in Africa granting an accredited American high school diploma. Coursework is powered by Calvert Academy Education, a leader in non-traditional education for 125 years, offering accredited courses via an online platform and a US High School diploma program.  Coursework, assessments and exams are sent by the students to certified US-based Calvert teachers for grading and feedback. This insures the highest quality in our program and supports the US Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools accreditation standards.  


ASA Boundless Colina adopts a flexible, blended-learning model utilizing Calvert Academy curriculum with content certified teachers both onsite (in Angola) and online (in the US). The Calvert teachers, based in the US, provide tutorial assistance and grade the student work, while the US teachers based in Angola, guide and support learning as well as provide enrichment using various forms of technology including virtual reality, collaborative wall and interactive boards.


Technology-based learning provides the curriculum foundation offering:

  •          Consistent accredited curriculum
  •          Individual pacing
  •          Mastery of content and concepts


Onsite teachers provide:

  •          Enhancement
  •          Assurance of understanding
  •          Development of supportive relationships 



This unique combination of student-centered support insures student success and well being as individual learners.  Students with their teacher-mentor develop a personal customized schedule among learning modalities. The teacher of record is the US-based teacher, ensuring compliance to grading rubrics and highest commitment to the standards of our accreditation.


The onsite teachers provide face-to-face support on a flexible and adaptive, as needed, basis through activities such as

  •          Small group instruction,
  •          Group projects,
  •          Individualized tutoring.                     


Some students have substantial face-to-face support, other students have minimal support, depending on the need of the student.


Blended learning the ASA way includes paying attention to:

  •          The modality of learning
  •          Individuating instruction
  •          Providing homogenous small groupings
  •          Allowing student choice and ownership in their learning


This blended learning model ensures quality and maintains accreditation for the school.


Extended learning:

Learning at the ASA Boundless boarding school is extended into the outdoors. While mornings are spent working on the Calvert curriculum, afternoons find students and teachers outside extending their learning into the natural world. Outside the classroom activities include everything from astronomy, conservation, and recycling to vegetable gardening, depending on what students are learning and have interest in pursuing.


Depending on student interest, monthly forays into other parts of Angola to learn about the flora, fauna, and local cultures are planned. Angola is a culturally diverse country. It also has great biodiversity—everything from beaches, to deserts, to mountains, including the headwaters for the Okavango Delta. There are abundant opportunities to extend classroom learning into the natural environment.


Project-Based Learning:

With this in mind, ASA incorporates Project-Based Learning as well. With teacher assistance, students determine a project that engages them in solving a real-world problem or answering a complex question. Over an extended period of time, students work collaboratively to:

  • Develop deep content knowledge
  • Use critical thinking and creativity
  • Utilize (and enhance) their communication skills
  • Share the result of their completed project to a select group, explaining their process and end product to people beyond the classroom


Students are given the opportunity to explore, discover, and creatively showcase what they have learned.



Skills for Success

In preparation for global leadership ASA emphasizes "essential skills for success". The specific skills that are encouraged and reinforced include:


  • Being a team player by working cooperatively and displaying strong leadership skills.
  • Flexibility by adapting to any situation and being dependable.
  • Effective communication by articulating well with good listening skills and using appropriate body language.
  • Critical thinking with the ability to notice, seek resolution, and solve daily problems.
  • Accepting feedback by gracefully accepting critique and compliments, with the ability to apply this feedback for their personal and professional growth.
  • Creative thinking with the ability to generate unique and effective solutions or alternatives that drive innovation and increase efficiency.


These skills are reinforced daily by our teachers because they are essential for success as:

  • A student at ASA
  • A student at university
  • A career professional
  • A contributing citizen
  • A lifelong learner


These skills are developed and practiced mindfully every day at ASA – Colina in varied ways both in school and out of school - for instance, in developing and completing student Project-Based Learning projects.


Calvert Academy Pathways (CAP)

Upon successful completion of our  high school program, students with a minimum of a 2.5 GPA in each of their classes (and demonstrated English proficiency on a standardized language test) may apply to any of our CAP participating universities and at least one of them, guaranteed, will offer freshman acceptance. Below is the list of universities currently participating in this guarantee of enrollment:


  • University of Central Florida 
  • Adelphi University 
  • University of Kansas 
  • The American University 
  • Florida International University 
  • University of the Pacific 
  • Auburn University 
  • University of Illinois - Chicago 
  • Louisiana State University 
  • UMASS Amherst 
  • University of South Carolina 
  • Dean College 
  • University of Mississippi (Ol’ Miss) 
  • Dayton University 


Description of a typical day

Students attend school daily and follow a learning plan according to their learning style and needs. They have periodic checkpoints, tests, and deeper learning activities to further reinforce mastery and determine achievement levels. ASA teachers support students through small group discussions, real world application activities, and individual tutoring when necessary. There are experienced US certified teachers onsite conducting mini lessons with the students, maintaining consistent communication with them, and monitoring their progress.


While mornings are spent working on the Calvert curriculum, afternoons find students and teachers outside extending their learning into the natural world. Activities depend on what the students are learning in their classes and can range from conservation to growing vegetables.


There are ample opportunities on campus for physical activity. Students are encouraged to remain physically fit by choosing an activity of interest every day. Options are many and varied including running, hiking, skateboarding, swimming, tennis, basketball and soccer. Depending on the interests of students, other activities are considered as well. There are fabulous beaches in the area with the opportunity to learn water sports such as surfing, skim boarding, and paddle boarding.


Physical Fitness:

Students are encouraged to stay active, nourishing the mind and body. Activities available at the Colina campus include:

  • Skate boarding
  • Roller blading
  • Swimming
  • Jogging
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Biking
  • Machine exercise (treadmills and stationary bikes)
  • Self defense
  • Yoga/Pilates
  • Strength training


Beach outings are frequent with:

  • Fishing,
  • Swimming
  • Skimming
  • Scuba diving
  • Snorkeling


Frequent excursions to points of interest in Angola, determined by student interests, are incorporated into the schedule with the goal of extending their learning, social development, and community awareness.


Boarding School Facilities

The ASA Boundless boarding school is housed on the pristine grounds of the Colina Resort in Catumbela, Benguela Province, Angola. This resort setting has a gym with weightlifting and treadmills, swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts, as well as ample space for soccer, skateboarding, running, and hiking. There is a game room with a pool table and table tennis. The classrooms are located in what was the conference building, complete with an auditorium, sound room and stage.


Housing for the students and teachers is in fully furnished bungalows with verandas and spacious views. The number of students is limited in order to maintain a family-like environment. While weekly cleaning and laundry will be provided, students are expected to keep their living and learning spaces neat and tidy.


Whileadult supervision is important and provided, ASA believes that high school students are able to self-monitor their behavior, taking responsibility for their education and for keeping to a good sleep, work, play cycle. ASA considers these life skills and will work with students to develop them. There are ASA staff members who are First Aid certified to ensure the health and safety of the students. While there is an efficiency kitchen in the bungalows, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided in the classroom building.


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Description of Calvert

As the on-line platform used at ASA, Calvert is a trusted leader in distance, non-traditional education and learning for over a century. It serves schools and students in all 50 United States and in more than 90 countries with their time-tested, comprehensive curriculum, and teaching support services. The Calvert–ASA education partnership offers blended-learning classrooms where students experience technology-driven education, full digital curriculum and Calvert Academy Pathways to university programs. This comprehensive curriculum is presented in various ways including written text, video, graphics and audio with engaging, interactive, multi-sensory formats delivered through latest technology.


At ASA students earn a US high school diploma. ASA offers an accredited program through a partnership with Calvert Education Services and Calvert Academy.  The coursework is approved by the Maryland State Department of Education and accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. The high school courses are approved by the NCAA. Calvert regularly reviews all courses and introduces new materials after considering state standards and the standards established by the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), National Council for Teachers of English (NCTE), National Council for Teachers of Social Studies (NCSS), National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), and the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE).



Day enrollment available for middle school students.  No boarding.