High School

High School


American Schools of Angola offers an accredited U.S. HS diploma, without leaving Angola!


Grades 9-12

Students who have finished their 8th year in school are considered high school students. Whether attending on campus or virtually, our high school students must take five courses between each half of the academic year to be considered full-time.


Language proficiency requirement

Students must qualify at B2 English language proficiency standard by grade 10.


Accredited curriculum

Our USA high school curriculum is accredited by AdvancED, Cognia and is also recognized by the Dept. of Education and National Collegiate Athletic Association. Courses are taught online with a teacher on both sides of the continent to provide live tutoring. Students can earn an internationally recognized diploma and move straight into universities all around the world.


Room & Board optional

ASA also offers shared room & board for high school youth, ages 14 – 17. While students take individually-paced courses, our semesters start in August and January.


A typical day

High School students are engaged in their daily studies via high-quality asynchronous online courses. They benefit from two certified teachers—one in Angola and one in the States. Teachers work in a team to facilitate micro-lessons and answer student questions in the courses. Expatriate mentor intentionally reviews a student’s work habits and behaviors in context of our bell schedule in order to assure adequate course progress.


Our program is student-centered, not teacher-centered. Courses last no more than 18-weeks at a time and students might work independently, meet on Zoom with a tutoring teacher, attend a small study group or a micro-lesson taught live or online.


Ultimately, a student’s work habits and behaviors determine their graduation date. Ceremonies are arranged to celebrate your accomplishment.


Graduation credit requirements:


4 specific English Language Arts credits

3 mathematic credits including specifically Algebra I and Geometry

3 science credits including specifically Biology and a physical science

3.5 specific social studies credits

1 fine or technical art credit

7 career-prep credits


That is ASA's true difference in delivering academic EXCELLENCE!