Our Community

Students working with teacher


Skills for Success

In preparation for global citizenship and leadership, ASA emphasizes transdisciplinary skills.

  • Social skills like being a team player
  • Thinking skills such as gaining knowledge and adapting new thoughts
  • Effective communication with good listening, writing & speaking skills
  • Critical thinking with the ability to notice, seek resolution, and solve daily problems.
  • Accepting & giving constructive feedback gracefully
  • Creative thinking with the ability to generate unique and effective solutions or alternatives that drive innovation and increase efficiency.
  • Integrity by doing the right thing even when no one is watching
  • Research skills to plan and execute projects or papers

These skills are intentionally taught by our professional educators every day at ASA.


Be Inspiring

The foundation of any school is the curriculum content coupled with the best professionals in the classrooms.  At ASA we go further, we know the school must engage and inspire students to think and apply that knowledge - to make what they are learning their own – at ASA we do this!

Our school has been designed to provide a nurturing and inspiring environment for students to develop into their extraordinary selves. Our focus is on learning, thinking, and applying that knowledge; to know what information is important, how to apply it, improve it, connect it to prior learning, and communicate it to others.

Our programs are student-focused:

  • Curriculums with choices for developing career interests
  • Encourages students to make decisions themselves
  • Mentor outstanding citizenship and leadership qualities
  • Practice real-life success skills
  • Proactive interventions all designed to foster success, a healthy attitude towards learning, and inspire students to be extraordinary
  • Safe, positive spaces that nurture our community of learners
  • Small class sizes of no more than 10 students to 1 teaching staff
  • Spacious, modern technology-rich classrooms
  • Treat students as individuals with individual strengths, weaknesses, and needs


Inspiration always leads into Excellence!