Director's Message

Message from the Superintendent

I am pleased and proud to welcome you to the American Schools of Angola.  As one of the founders of the ASA and the Superintendent of ASA, I can attest to the fact that this school was created out of the need for an American style, innovative, and technology driven education in Angola.  More importantly, ASA arose out of the sincere desire to prepare middle school and high school students for global citizenship and future leadership roles.   



All of us working with ASA, from the cleaners, drivers, office staff, to the learning coaches and teachers, administrators, advisory board and executive director fully embrace our mission: The mission of the American Schools of Angola is to develop and nurture proud well-adjusted lifelong learners; who are prepared to meet their challenges and responsibilities and become successful culturally sensitive global citizens and leaders in the 21st century, striving for a better world for all. 



ASA offers innovative approaches to learning, not the same old traditional all desks in a row education model.  Students are empowered to make decisions, work collaboratively, think critically, set goals, and to take responsibility for their education.  Answering the question: how do students learn these life skills?  ASA’s answer is: through real life opportunities and experiences.   Our program recognizes individual differences, is student centered (decisions are made with the students input and driven from their best interest) and our classrooms are very high tech.  Uniquely we offer a US high school diploma to our graduates, without leaving Angola!  We also have a pathway to US universities guaranteeing acceptance into one of our participating US universities.  Our US diploma is recognized and prized worldwide. 


The evidence of thought and commitment to excellence is everywhere.  I invite you to call us and schedule a tour, you owe it to your child.  We are devoted to providing a world class education unlike anywhere else.


We welcome you into the ASA family.  Be extraordinary!



Dr. Donna Skinner, Ed. D.