Elementary and Middle School

American Schools of Angola – Elementary opening August/September 2019




American Schools of Angola is expanding to include elementary school grades in 2019-2020. The entire school is moving from its current location to the Rosalinda Complex in Tutungo, (across from Paz Flor), pending the final procurement of the building.  

The Elementary school will offer grades Kindergarten through grade 5.   (Middle school grades 6 – 8 are already being offered at ASA).  The school accepts students in January/February and August / September.  All other requests for irregular enrollment dates will be considered on an individual basis.


English Instruction and Teachers     

English language instruction and proficiency is emphasized as part of the program.  A specialized English immersion program may be required, prior to academic placement.  Our lead classroom teachers are all English native speakers, from the United States. They are supported by international English-speaking teacher aides.   Additionally, Calvert Education US teachers virtually support our program.   


Low teacher pupil ratios will ensure individualized attention to social-emotional development and academic success.  Our motto is Be Extraordinary – we strive to assist each student to achieve this goal. 





Each ASA student is enrolled based on their language proficiency, developmental, and academic performance levels.   Students are given the iReady test to ensure proper placement. The iReady test provides valuable information regarding the student’s strengths and weaknesses, which is utilized to drive individualized instruction.  The iReady test is used numerous times throughout the year to measure student academic growth and achievement, with the descriptive results informing the teacher’s further instruction.  The compilation of the students iReady data drives our program changes and enhancements.


Grade placement may be affected by the student’s English proficiency level.   A specialized English immersion program may be required, prior to academic placement.  Academic achievement, progress, and promotion are affected by the level of language proficiency.  Student’s language progress is monitored regularly and when a student is ready for an academic change, this will be discussed with the parent.  In this regard, we are student driven – the student’s progress determines our actions.  We do not stifle students achievement/progress, nor do we push them ahead until they have proven readiness.



English Immersion - ASA PREP program:  

A special English immersion program is offered to future ASA students who need language immersion to improve their English proficiency levels for acceptance into ASA.  

This is a full day school program, for grades 4 to 8 (ages 9 to 13)  with ½ of the day of English language instruction and the other ½ in Portuguese with the students learning their core subjects in Portuguese.  (Language Arts, Science, History and Math) Enrollment dates correspond with the school year.  I.e.  January/February and August/September start dates.



Kindergarten Admission

Kindergarten students must be 5 by September 1 unless approved under special circumstances by the school administration.


All Kindergarten students must prove school readiness via the iReady score and a developmental screening - prior to acceptance.   i.e. not all 5-year-old students are ready for Kindergarten.   


Non-Discrimination Policy


ASA adheres to a non-discrimination admission policy.  However, students whose academic or social emotional needs exceed the capacity of our professional staff will not be accepted.  Parents are expected to provide truthful complete information regarding their child, prior to enrollment, as non-disclosure of relevant pre-existing student issues can result in termination of enrollment.



Enrollment Steps:


  1. Contact the school for a tour
  2. Tour the school
  3. Apply via Open Apply
  4. Pay application fee
  5. Student takes iReady test
  6. Provide ASA with previous report cards
  7. Discussion of placement and admission
  8. Pay registration fee and tuition (full year)
  9. Complete admission process via Open Apply
  10. Student begins attending classes
    1. Students are required to bring their own  iPad
    2. Supply list will be provided





The ASA program is based on American developmentally appropriate curriculum standards, set by Calvert Education, an accredited US based school and curriculum. Close attentionis taken to assure that our lessons are developmentally and academically appropriate for each child. We engage students in learning through project-based lessons with virtual labs and interactive resources, with student’s progress based on mastery in their coursework.


The lessons, complimented by digital and interactive learning resources in our technology rich classrooms – Virtual Reality, Interactive Boards and Collaborative Walls -  enable students to meet their full learning potential.  Designed to teach students to explore and think creatively about what they are learning, empowering them to explore their world with in-depth study of the subjects that most interest them - with digital resources,  learning is without limits!

Teacher support technology implemented throughout the day, enhances and reinforces our Calvert learning curriculum in a manner in which today’s 21st century learners know and drives them to perform their best.  The curriculum utilizes resources found on the web, including:



Inside ASA

We do “school” differently at the American Schools of Angola. Utilizing student driven inquiry combined with - a state of the art accredited online Calvert curriculum, hands on project-based learning and experiential environmental learning AND including the use of various technology, (VR, Interactive boards, Collaborative wall,) the students develop the ability to:


  • Think critically and creatively
  • Communicate effectively—with their peers as well as with adults
  • Develop deep content knowledge
  • Gain confidence in their problem solving ability
  • Be at ease presenting their knowledge to others


Preparing students for academic and personal success, our students work diligently to complete their coursework and projects, by:

  • Utilizing the local environment as a learning setting
  • Accessing experienced, US certified, on-site teachers committed to helping students develop their curiosity
  • Becoming passionate about learning in a developmentally appropriate and academically challenging environment
  • Digging deeper into content that is of particular interest to them
  • Developing independent learning strategies to fulfill their learning goals


Technology-based learning provides the curriculum foundation offering:

  • Consistent accredited curriculum driven by Calvert Education
  • Individual pacing
  • Mastery of content and concepts required – insuring a strong foundation for future academic success


Onsite teachers provide:

  • Tutoring and Enhancement
  • Assurance of understanding
  • Development of supportive relationships
  • Enrichment – music, art, physical education



Blended learning the ASA way includes paying attention to:

  • The modality of learning – visual, kinetic, auditory and technology
  • Individualizing instruction
  • Providing homogenous small groupings
  • Allowing student choice
  • Requiring student ownership in their own learning and
  • Development of relationships


Our blended learning model ensures attention to detail, quality, and maintains accreditation for the school.



Project-Based Learning:


With teacher assistance, students determine a project that engages them in solving a real-world problem or answering a complex question. Over an extended period of time, students work collaboratively to:

  • Develop deep content knowledge
  • Use critical thinking and creativity
  • Utilize (and enhance) their communication skills
  • Share the result of their completed project to a select group, explaining their process and end product to people beyond the classroom


Students are given the opportunity to explore, discover, and creatively showcase what they have learned.


Skills for Success


In preparation for global citizenship and leadership ASA Elementary emphasizes "essential skills for success". The specific skills that are developmentally encouraged and reinforced include:


  • Being a team player by working cooperatively and displaying strong leadership skills.
  • Flexibility by adapting to any situation and being dependable.
  • Effective communication by articulating well with good listening skills and using appropriate body language.
  • Critical thinking with the ability to notice, seek resolution, and solve daily problems.
  • Accepting feedback by gracefully accepting critique and compliments, with the ability to apply this feedback for their personal and professional growth.
  • Creative thinking with the ability to generate unique and effective solutions or alternatives that drive innovation and increase efficiency.


These skills are developed and practiced mindfully every day at ASA Elementary in varied ways both in school and out of school - for instance, in developing and completing student Project-Based Learning projects.




 Miscellaneous Information


  • Student uniforms are required.
  • A Student – Parent handbook is provided to better understanding school policies
  • July – the school facility is closed.  Some middle school students can be supported virtually by their teacher – upon request and individually pre-approved.